What people say?

Little sirens is the highlight of my week. I have been taking my daughter, Alice, since she was only a few weeks old. We walk to the yurt every Friday morning, bringing two of Alice’s cousins along with us. It is the perfect mix of music, rhythm, movement, laughter, tears, crackers, cheese, coffee and conversation. Tears, because so many of us cry each week when Ollie and Rachel present the song that they have written for one of the Little Sirens children. The gift of a song about each dear little person is such a powerful way to bring us together and celebrate the story of each child. Some weeks we go to Little Siren to recharge - we soak up enough music, friendship and support to get us through another tough week of teething. Other weeks we turn up well-rested and bursting with energy. But it doesn’t really matter how (or when) we turn up, the result is always the same - we get exactly what we need. Whether it’s a new song or rhyme to sing together at home, or a few more hand-me-down jumpers and some tips about better ways to fold nappies...  We go home each week with our tummies full of wholesome food and our hearts full of joy.
Friday mornings at Little Sirens have been a highlight of my week for the past few years. Rach and Ollie hold such a warm, inclusive and nurturing space for everyone to come together. My kids love the ritual of learning and singing the songs in a group, including the many brilliant originals penned by Rach and Ollie. Add to that Ollie's freshly baked bread to take home, and coffee and delicious snacks after class, and it becomes much more than a music class. They have created nothing short of their own vibrant and generous-spirited village - I would heartily recommend Little Sirens to all families looking to engage with music in a fun way with like-minded folk.
I attended Little Sirens for 3 years with my son and highly recommend it to any parent. Rachel and Ollie create a very special environment that is warm and welcoming. Their original songs are wonderful and they relate to the children in such a natural and caring way.​
Elizabeth Hindmarsh
Thanks so much Little Sirens for playing at our children's book launch. The families loved it and many said your performance was the highlight of the event. The song that you wrote, based on the book, was really special. We all had tears in our eyes. Like, actually.
Nina Kelabora
Health Promotion - Early Literacy