About us

Ollie and Rachel are both passionate about music, family and bringing people together. With the birth of their first son, Tully, Rachel would often be singing all kinds of songs. A few friends with children of their own suggested she start a music class for them to come along to. She approached her friend Jacinta Percy from Sound Weaver and Little Sirens was born. As Jacinta ventured overseas Ollie decided to fill in for her and found his new calling. Rachel and Ollie already facilitated Leadership Courses together in High Schools and this coming together for Musical Storytime was an exciting new dimension of their work. Jacinta came back realising she wanted to focus on different things and Ollie was excited to continue on in his new role.

Together Rachel and Ollie wrote their first album and enjoyed performing their songs with the Hood Band. They played at parties and various events sharing the joy of their music with many. Their first album, Musical Storytime, is about to be launched in a few months.

Today Little Sirens is an inclusive space for many, allowing parents, guardians and children the chance to come together to sing, play instruments and to express themselves creatively through movement.

Currently, Rachel and Ollie are writing personalised songs for each child who attends Little Sirens. Each week someone is chosen and a new song created based on their qualities and their story. This has been a wonderful creative process allowing a rich repertoire of songs to develop. Already over 20 new songs have been created.

A special concert showcasing the songs to the wider community will take place later in the year.

Along with little sirens, Ollie and Rachel perform at parties, markets and other events. They have also been asked to write personalised songs for different projects, including Banyule Community Health’s ‘My Community’ book launch.